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At One Love Hearing Concepts LLC, we understand that every person's hearing is different. That means that your hearing solutions should be too! That is why we customize the services we offer to fit every individual's needs.

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One Love Hearing Concepts LLC cares about the products we provide for our clients. We take pride in what we do, and have a lot of confidence in the assortment of hearing products that we offer. That is why we're proud to offer Starkey Hearing Technologies products.

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Why Choose One Love Hearing Concepts?

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Watch our how-to videos to see how easy it is to pair your Starkey hearing aids with your Apple or Android smartphone.

If you’ve got a question about using our Thrive Hearing Control app, view the frequently asked questions.

See instructions for how to pair either your Starkey hearing aids or your Android smartphone with our Remote Microphone +.

Pairing your compatible Starkey hearing aids to our TV Streamer is simple, as these how-to videos show.

Wondering how to pair your Starkey hearing aids with our Mini Remote Microphone? These videos show you how.

Watch a short video to see how easy it is to pair your Starkey hearing aids with our Remote accessory.

Whatever style Starkey hearing aid you wear, we’ve got a video to show you how to remove and replace their Hear Clear wax guards.

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One Love Hearing Concepts

Six decades of research has confirmed that our cardiovascular system influences our peripheral and central auditory systems. Translated for us non-scientists: The strength of our heart impacts the soundness of our ears.

Blood flow is crucial to the proper function of our inner ear. It delivers needed elements like oxygen and glucose. Thus, if our heart is weak — due to disease or hypertension — circulation can be impeded and deprive our hearing system of those needed elements, which can negatively affect our hearing.

Alternately, if our cardiovascular system is or remains healthy, our auditory system should enjoy the benefits.

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